About the Book


A Fairytale Come True

Jennifer and Marika were a happily married same-sex couple for six months before Marika's announcement: She wanted to become a man. Jennifer questioned everything she'd ever known. Could she stay in the marriage? Could she love Marika as a man? She went through her own personal hell to find out.


A Stunning Revelation

A true story told from Jennifer's viewpoint, Who Am I If You're Not You? explores this couple's experience with gender transition. While Marc embraced his authentic self, Jennifer struggled to come to terms with a life that didn't match her dreams. From self-injury to an eating disorder, she desperately sought control.


A Lost and Desperate Soul

With personal poems that Jennifer wrote during her darkest hours to photos of Marc before and after transition, you'll get to know every aspect of this couple's journey in a raw and intimate way. It's a real-life love story that's unlike anything you've ever heard.



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